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      • Full Automatic Single Riveting Machine
      • LA-075SC-W
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      • WC-120B-HRC
          Anhui Qitian Stationery MFG. Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, we are specialized in the manufacturing and sales: ring binder clip, lever clip, wire clip, lever arch clip, spring clip and other metal stationery clamp, plastic stationery clamp. We also produce the metal corner, rivets and other hardware accessories. Business leaders have been in stationery accessories industry from 1996, we has begun to take shape and strength to develop into the production of manufacturers after many years of development, we are also one of the main suppliers of stationery clamp in China.  …......

      Anhui Qitian Stationery MFG. Co., Ltd.

      Address:Chaohu Economic Delvelopment Zone,Hefei City,Anhui

      Anhui Qitian Stationery MFG. Co., Ltd.
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